Workshops and Presenters

PSCA iOS 2018.1

Registration Update – Fixes P.D. Obligations

Enters you in a draw to win a refund of one half of your registration fee. Must install by March 1st to be eligible for the draw.

PSCA iOS 2018.2

Resilience Update – Uses Dr. Mari Swingle to install tools and techniques to fix bugs. Bugs are related to the “Effects of Screen Based Technology on Developing Brains” and bugs related to “Unpreparedness due to Helicopter Parenting.” Install date- May 7

PSCA iOS 2018.3

AEDP Update – Helps operating system become stronger at the broken places. Full Day Install – May 8

PSCA iOS 2018.4

Yoga Therapy – Uses Yoga therapeutically to deal with physical and emotional bugs to strengthen ovreall operating system. Attacks a variety of bugs, including chronic anxiety, stress, grief. Chance install date- May 9

PSCA iOS 2018.5

Social Update –Fixes isolation, stress, ‘burnt-outedness’ and generally makes everything better. Install days May 7,8,9