Welcome to PSCA

Students who make use of counselling stay in school at a higher rate when compared to those who do not use counselling services. – Brian Van Brunt

We are a group of professionals dedicated providing counselling services to post-secondary students. At PSCA we are committed to learn, share, and practice the most current and effective counselling strategies. We address how larger contextual and institutional factors impact our work and service to students. We partner with organizations that enhance our knowledge, skills, and resources such as Healthy Minds-Healthy Campuses and the Canadian University and College Counsellors Association.

Members’ Viewpoint

While our primary focus is on supporting post-secondary counsellors to provide effective counselling services and programmes, memberscomments reflect some additional benefits of our organization:

  1. “There is something really unique and special about this organization-the counsellors who belong are some of the most generous and thoughtful people you are likely to meet”
  2. “Great speakers, excellent networking opportunities and proactive initiatives. Everyone is so willing to share resource ideas!”
  3. “Honestly, I look forward to the PSCA annual conference as a kind of spiritual renewal and emotional recharging experience. It is very special in my life.”
  4. “For a relatively small organization, I have been surprised at the caliber of the speakers and workshops and the variety of interesting activities they hold. In 2012, we took a lively river boat cruise serenaded by a historical folksinger”