The BC Post Secondary Counsellors’ Association will provide leadership in establishing counselling best practices for the purpose of providing exceptional services to BC post-secondary students. Through the prominent positioning of and support for counselling services on British Columbia college and university campuses, we will promote optimum student development, wellness and success.


The BC Post Secondary Counsellors Association is an informed, skilled interactive community of post-secondary counsellors who work together to advocate for responsive and effective counselling and mental health services within BC post-secondary campus communities. The skill and resilience of PSCA members is developed and maintained through on-going support, networking and professional development opportunities. By identifying and sharing best practices within our field, we ensure effective counselling services for BC post-secondary students.

Who are we? We are:

  1. Professionals dedicated to developing students
  2. Committed to helping each other grow, learn, and deal with challenges
  3. Skilled, creative, effective, collaborative, resourceful and fun-loving

What do we do in PSCA?

  1. Provide dedicated, professional counselling services to post-secondary students
  2. Learn, share and practice the most current and effective counselling strategies
  3. Address how larger context and institutional factors impact our work and service to students
  4. Partner with organizations that enhance our knowledge, skill and resources like: Healthy Minds-Healthy Campuses, CUCCA, Canadian Mental Health Association

Why should a post-secondary counsellor join PSCA?

  1. To find your “people” in this unique like-minded community, who will support you at many levels: professional development, meeting challenges at the institutional level, and learning about unique client issues
  2. To be part of an innovative group of counsellors who are invested in the development of post-secondary Counselling
  3. To attend the Annual PSCA Conference, and regional workshops as well as participate in Healthy Minds, CUCCA and other partner conferences