PSCA Code of Ethics

This Code credits the individual Counsellor with the ability to exercise discretion when deciding and acting in the best interests of the client, and charges the individual Counsellor with the responsibility to do so.

While recognizing that in many ethical dilemmas there is no single correct response, this Code provides the basis for making judgments within the context in which they are being considered. In effect, application of the Code to any given situation is in the hands of each Counsellor.

In each instance Counsellors must ensure that their decisions are based on the principles embodied in this Code of Ethics. Those decisions must be reasonable, and must have been reached through the application of a process of consideration explicit enough to bear public scrutiny. In subscribing to this code, PSCA members view professional ethical judgment as a personal responsibility. Personal responsibility entails giving one’s best efforts and reasonable consideration to all aspects of a situation when making a decision.

This Code of Ethics provides the basis of conduct to which Counsellors who are members of PSCA subscribe.

  1. Counsellors respect the worth, dignity and human rights of the client.
  2. Counsellors hold the well-being of the client as the highest priority.
  3. Counsellors act with integrity towards their clients and in performing services and functions on behalf of their clients.
  4. Counsellors do not exploit the Counsellor-client relationship for personal advantage.
  5. Counsellors treat with respect the confidentiality of professionally-acquired information.
  6. Counsellors assume responsibility for maintaining and demonstrating personal and professional competence, and for working only within their competencies.
  7. Counsellors act to promote ethical, competent practice within the counselling profession.
  8. Counsellors describe their professional qualifications and affiliations honestly and accurately.
  9. Counsellors work for the creation and maintenance of workplace conditions and policies which are consistent with the standard of practice indicated by this Code.
  10. Counsellors take into account the social, cultural and moral milieu of their clients.
  11. Counsellors refrain from imposing their personal and religious values and beliefs on their clients in the counselling relationship.