Open Members Meetings

Reoccuring, via Zoom

Open meetings are drop-in Zoom meetings for any current PSCA member to attend. Facilitated by a PSCA Board member, Counsellors use the space to consult on operational questions and connect over shared experiences of Post-Secondary counselling work. Prospective members can attend one meeting to try it out. Open meetings are held at least once a semester. Email for more information.

Meetings typically start with a check in round. This is a chance to share how things are going, ask any questions you might like to pose to the group, or note if you are attending primarily to listen and connect.

Examples of some past questions include:

  • What groups are you running for students and how successful are they?
  • How is your counselling department handling increased crisis appointments?
  • Which institutions offer counselling student practicum placements?
  • Are other counsellors noticing more feelings of burnout or overwhelm in their team?

No open meetings scheduled for Summer 2024. Open meetings will resume in Fall 2024.